MCC Tampines Condo

This is great news for buyers would have been looking for landed properties in the last 2 years, as the prices are much more attractive as compared to 2013 when they started looking. Today, 2015, the price is S$1 to $2 million less. The resale market is doing even better in low S$8 million range. The huge mission for Tampines Avenue 10 east condo will consist of many services inside the entire development and will certainly feature a shopping centre, a sky garden and in addition an wide open style plaza for homeowners of Yishun to benefit from. The mall will furthermore be the largest within Eastern Singapore.

MCC Tampines Avenue 10 Condo

Another possible reason for the upturn in the sale of landed homes could be that buying landed properties is likely to do with the owners taking a longer view on living on these properties.
As property sellers foresee there may be quite some time well before mortgage rates raise, together with due to their current financial position, home owners are less likely to lower their own price expectations. Except for the brief blip during the international economic crisis, which usually didn’t take very long to restore itself, home and property investors have generally enjoyed above and beyond attractive sales and profits in the previous cycle for MCC Tampines Condo,” she said.

Tampines New Condo Singapore

Some may be less affected by the TDSR, as they own other MCC Tampines Avenue 10 Condo that they could sell. Another rapidly with growing segment of the market is in the buying of old homes and redeveloping them is being watched keenly by the experts. Occupants in Yishun may look forward to the development new Northpoint City, the latest addition to the ever rising wide variety of integrated new launches in Singapore’s neighbourhoods.

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Simultaneously, these sellers are likely to time their exit to be able to minimize or to avoid paying for Seller’s Stamp Duties (SSD) impose by the local authorities for MCC Tampines Condo. With this in mind, they may take the view that they are upgrading their investment portfolio, as well as positioning themselves to get a higher price as the property values continue to rise in Singapore, where land is at a premium. For example, a brand-new boutique bungalow in a prime central location of district 10 or 11 in the Bukit Timah and Holland had an asking price of as $11-$12 million in 2013.