Bangkok Properties

Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard, a new condominium development right in the heart of Bangkok, sees strong sales from Singapore buyers. The condominium remains one of the highly sought after development by Singaporeans as well as many foreign buyers.
Thailand properties has been gaining a lot of interest and international exposure lately due to the country’s strong image as a business and tourist destination for the affluent elites.
Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard is a mixed development right in the heart of Bangkok and consist of 316 residential units and a residential exclusive shopping mall. Many foreign buyers from Singapore as well as Hongkong and China has been showing great interest in this development.
A spokesperson for Magnolia Finest Corporation mentioned that Hongkong remains their biggest overseas market followed by Singaporeans and China. Each of the segment of buyers account for 8-10% of the overseas buyers. Although Singaporeans remain the 2nd place, demand of Thailand properties in increasing at a faster pace than in China, probably due to the introduction of the TDSR.
Singaporeans are looking now a Thailand instead of the traditional places like Malaysia and Australia for their property purchase. Because of this, property prices are steadily going up as well as the rental yield.
With the next development The Hillford Condo next to Beauty World MRT launching, buyers might flock back to Singapore properties again due to the affordable nature of the development.

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