Bellewoods Woodlands

Two shopping malls near Bellewoods Woodlands –Vista Point, located at Woodlands Drive 44 Road, and the large refurbished Causeway Point in the town centre of Woodlands, complete with cinemas, food court and bookstores, provide excellent opportunities for shopping, browsing, family outings and relaxation. Vista Park, Neighbourhood Park and Mandai Tekong Park are all in proximity, as is Woodlands Stadium, ensuring good prospects for sports activities, training and exercise programmes.
According to the Land Use Plan 2030 the Woodlands Regional Centre is allocated as a commercial hub outside of the Central Business District. This, in turn, will create a wealth of business opportunities and consequently – a thriving employment market within an easy reach for the residents of Bellewoods EC.

Bellewoods Woodlands

IThe interior decoration and design of the Bellewoods Woodlands units have been completed with three main objectives in mind – comfort, convenience and elegance.
One of the unique added benefits to the interior planning is the use of CoSpace layout. CoSpace is a designer model allowing flexibility and easy transformation of the living space according to the needs of the occupants for Bellewoods Woodlands via removing an existing wall or adding a new one. The possibility is incorporated in some of the floor plans designed for the units, which means that the buyers may be able put into action their own ideas and lifestyle preferences of what a particular space in the plan should be – a walk-in wardrobe or a closet, a study or a guest room, a utility or a play area.

Bellewoods EC at Woodlands

The occupants of Bellewoods Woodlands can reconfigure, combine, divide, join, separate parts within the living space, thus putting their own imagination to work and making their own input on the designing process. They may be are able to customise the space, decide on particular functions a specific room within the flat should fulfil to make the best use of it – in summary, add their own take on the allocation and arrangements of some of the rooms.

Bellewoods Woodlands Qingjian

Exterior design for Bellewoods Woodlands in addition to the prime location and superior internal design details, Bellewoods EC displays an attractive exterior space with innovative use of water features. Two main ideas –Waterfront and Garden Living Concept – have been amalgamated into the outdoor space with imagination and knowledge to create a unique combination of built and natural environment.
With the inclusion of a water effects and greenery the outdoor space is transformed into a serene area with the peaceful, restorative feel of a park. The impression is of an attractive open-air extension to the indoor living space. This inevitably will result in added value to the property itself and extra overall gain, as the units are seen not simply as living quarters, but as complete, family-orientated, children-friendly complex for living, working, recreation and fun.