best buisness place

According to a World Bank report, Singapore remain in the top for the best environment in doing business. The next spot goes to Hong Kong followed by New Zealand

Despite remaining in the 1st position, the data also revealed our neighbours have improved their competitive ranking too. Malaysia has improved from 12th to 6th place and the Philiipines have also improved tremendously to 109th position

The report takes into consideration a lot of factors to compute the statistic, including ease of starting business, cross border accountancy, ease of getting construction permits as well as construction safety measures etc.

Getting top sport in business would mean investment cashflow flowing into the Republic. Also, the increase in the number of workforce would particually mean more homes is necessary. The Hillford is poised to exploit such factors as it is convienently located in the Bukit Timah area as well as near Beauty World MRT where there are many expats.

Also, as the quantum for the Hillford will be low, the rental will be lower and this would be mean easier to rent out the unit.

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