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In a recent survey made by the biggest business graduate school in the world, Insead, has ranked Singapore 4th place by business talents globally for best cities in the world to work in as well as live in Botanique Bartley Condo.
According to a survey by Alumni, the United Arab Emirates’ Dubai, which has been dubbed the most cosmopolitan city, was chosen as the most attractive city to live in regard to private and professional life.

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These reports back up data that was released by Insead, in their 2013 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI). The findings were done in partnership with Adecco and Human Capital Leadership Institute in Singapore, both of which listed the United Arab Emirates as being the region that attracted and retained talent ahead of the majority of economies that are oil-based in the Middle East and Gulf. They also ranked UAE as 19 globally.
This new study is the first to be undertaken by France’s Insead Alumni Association and has assessed and recorded 835 responses from the alumni of Insead that had experience in working internationally.

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The study consisted of 4 sweeping factors that were assessed, taken from 30 benchmarks that dealt with personal and professional life. These 4 factors were:

Economic dynamism (access to funding, labor quality, etc.)
Quality of life (air quality, cultural and sports recreational facilities, etc.)
Cost of living (entertainment, dining, shopping, real estate, etc.)
City’s overall attractiveness (access to technology, youthful talent, etc.)

It was Dubai that topped the charts amongst 15 of the most prominent cities of the world as the best place to work near Botanique Bartley. Amsterdam came in 2nd, and Toronto 3rd. Singapore took 4th place as the best place to work, 1st place for economic dynamism, 4th place for cost of living and quality of live, and 3rd for overall attractiveness.

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The Associate Professor of Decision Sciences as well as director of Insead’s Abu Dhabi campus, Miguel Lobo has said that some may find it surprising to see Dubai as the top ranked globally the best place to work by the Insead Alumni Association. However, this comes as no surprise to Insead’s alumni and faculty for this region.
Insead has stated that the dynamism of Dubai is highly recognized by the key decision makers and business leaders of today. Many have chosen to work, live and become actively absorbed in this regions business environment.
It was pointed out that Singapore has been ranked highly in surveys on a regular basis as the top city to work and live globally, along with having the best cost of living.

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