New Condo Launch in Geylang

If you have read the Urban Development Authority website, you will come to know that the government will be releasing 2 plots of land in Geylang for building new condo launch.

New Condo Launch in Geylang

Out of these 2 plots, there will be one which is of particular interest to many developers as the plot of land is very near to Aljunied MRT Station. New condo launch that are near MRT have always been in particularly interest to developers as many buyers are very keen in the development. Besides the location of the site which is appealing to many developers, the land is also 0.62 hectare. This makes this piece of land more affordable to developers compared to the other piece of land which is bigger and requires more resources to develop the new condo launch.

Geylang MRT new condo launch

The other piece of land which is about 2.4 hectares will be able to build around 900 homes. However, this is might not be appealing to developers as the land is further away from the MRT and due to the size of the plot of land, it will take relatively more resources to develop the new condo launch for the buyers.

The difference between the confirmed-list sites and reserved list sites for new condo launch is that the confirmed land list will launch at the pre-determined date. The reserved list does not launch for sale to the public unless a minimum bid is received by a developer which the government deems as acceptable for that plot of land for new condo launch.

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