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The parties vied with one another in their promises to build new homes, causing one commentator to call it a ‘bidding war’ for the electors’ votes. The Conservative Party and the Labour Party promised 200,000 homes a year, The Liberal Democrats promised 300,000 homes per year, plus five new Garden cities by 2020. The Greens outbid them all promising 500,000 new social houses for rent, to be funded by scrapping the Buy to Let mortgage interest tax allowance for Parc Life website.

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Hundreds of thousands of new housing stock would reinvigorate the UK property market Parc Life, particularly if it were of affordable homes, and stem the housing crisis that Britain has been undergoing for many decades. The numbers of new homes is unlikely to ever catch up with population growth, the targets aimed to stabilise the shortage and amend the housing market’s deep seated structural problems.

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Apart from the Green Party, the other policies would have allowed thousands of people to become homeowners, which would increase business for estate agents. It remains to be seen whether the newly elected Conservative Government will implement any of its own housing policies or indeed borrow those of their opponents.

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Property Market like Parc Life Sembawang commentators dissected the policies prior to the election and judged that the Conservatives’ policy was overall more favourable to the property industry. It judged that Labour’s support for a mansion tax would, if implemented, ensure dramatic falls in property values and further hit the “squeezed middle” class. This include Parc Life buyers who are looking for Sembawang ECs around in the vicinity.

The Liberal Democrat policy proposals for a mansion tax and their “”rent to own”” scheme, along with their proposals for increased taxes, antagonized the Parc Life property industry and the Green Party’s focus on social housing did not endear them to estate agents.

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It must be remembered that all the policy proposals would not work unless the severe housing shortage was first addressed. Successive governments have promised to address this worsening housing crisis, to date, none have even come close to achieving the building of the numbers of homes that they promised before their electione. Is it really likely that the newly elected government will really address the housing shortage, which is the underlying problem with the United Kingdom’s property market, when no government in the past several decades has built sufficient homes to match the people’s needs in Parc Life Executive Condoninium.