Property Seminars

The Council of Estate Agencies in Singapore is now on the lookout for bold claims by property seminars. This has become a concern as the government is concerned about such claims which will induce people to buy a property without much thinking. Claims by these property experts claiming that they are able to help people buy a property without investment outlay raised some alarm bells in CEA.

Property Seminars

A flip on the local papers indeed has advertisements by property experts as well as free property seminars conducted by these gurus. They have identified methods which they deemed are profitable and are willing to present these methods at a fee to you. These advertisements in the local newspaper Straits Times range from a quarter to sometimes half a page to entice people to join their seminars.

According to the media, the head of CEA’s governing body Yeap Soon Teck, is aware of such claims in property seminars by property investment experts and the tactics mentioned above are used. He has mentioned that CEA is conducting checks on the claims by the advertisements and have been also doing on site visits to make sure that such seminars do not have any excessive claims.

Property Seminars in Singapore

Property seminars have on the rise lately as Singapore has many new launches lately. Particularly, many investors are interested in launches not just in Singapore but also in other countries as well. The investment environment overseas can be quite different from Singapore and therefore CEA has noted that buyers need to be vigilant when choosing their overseas property.

The Hillford will be of particular interest to these buyers as well as it is a relatively affordable condo with concierge services to the elderly. In particularly, it is a 60 years condo with relatively low quantum and therefore will appeal to many investors.

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