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Mary Sai, Executive Director and head of commercial sales at Knight Frank, was pessimistic about the general outlook, predicting poor demand for office and retail space in 2016 on the basis of the globally poor volumes of market activity. The reduced occupancy in commercial developments is certainly a concern and a deterrent for buyers near Tang Skyline Alexandra View Condo considering their participation on the property, particularly those with better investment options.

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When it comes to office space value, Strata performance was actually better in 2015, with increase in the average prices of freehold and leasehold units by 8.1 per cent to $2.439.24 per square foot. Strata performed less well in terms of retail units where a fall of 16 per cent to $2.958.84 per square foot was seen, most probably as a result of the fall in the prices of the retail units located in the High Park Residences. Shopping centres near Alexandra View Condo are as below

Tiong Bahru Plaza
Central Plaza
Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
Valley Point Shopping Centre
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The only freehold office transaction carried out in the first half of 2015 was a deal completed for a unit located in Crown at Robinson Road in Tanjong Pagar for a price of $3,502 per square foot. With respect to leasehold projects the best performance was shown by Vision Exchange which accounted for 36.8 per cent of the total transactions in the period near Gan Eng Seng Secondary School.

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Ku Swee Yong, the Century 21 Singapore CEO, remarked on the steep increase in the commercial property prices at the peak of the markets in 2011-2013, preceding the realisation that in fact a great number of the completed developments could either not be rented out at the expected prices or not rented at all, to consternation of the investors in Redhill MRT Condo like Alexandra View Condo. There are plenty of unoccupied spaces in empty units according to the information provided by Novena Regency, Alexandra Central, Centropod@changu, Alexis@Alexandra, Icon@Changi and Viva Vista at Pasir Panjang Tang Group of Companies Condo.

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Mr Ku pointed out the tendency for the interest rates on commercial loans to rise quicker than the residential loans. The retail units tenants feel the pinch due to competition from online traders, lack of staff and shrinking tourism revenues. Although the total numbers of visitors have not shown decrease, the proceeds from tourism have certainly diminished as a result of the strong value the Singapore dollar has maintained against the rupiah and ringgit currencies.The Savills Singapore Managing Director and Head of Investment and Residential Services Steven Ming is expecting curbing of the demands for commercial properties by Tang Group of Companies Condo against the global backdrop of poor transaction stream in Tang Group Alexandra View Condo, with the natural instincts of the companies dictating less expansion and more caution. The increase in interest rates will also be contributing to this.