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The number of foreigners buying houses for sale in singapore seems to be muted according to the latest sources quote. The number of foreigners in this category fell to 330 for Q3 this year. This number is 7% lower compared to Q3 last year.

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This is even a more significant drop in the number of foreigners as it accounts for only 17% of the total transactions of houses for sale in singapore in 2011. Analyst attributed this to the additional buyer stamp duty imposed on foreigners. Basically, the ABSD for foreigners is now at 15%.

There is also a significant drop in the number of subsale transactions. The number drop from 670 units in 2011 to 181 in Q3.

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The Republic also mentioned that they will continue to monitor the market and will not hesitate to act further should it be deemed as necessary

It now appears how hillford will continue to fair in this subdued market for houses for sale in singapore.